We know break-ups are painful. But much like that year in high school when you were dating Connie but actually interested in her friend Jessica, there are times when it’s just the right thing to do.


Often companies feel locked in once they’ve selected an injection molder, but the simple fact is your products–and your needs when it comes to your manufacturer–can change over time. And sometimes your injection molder can’t keep up. Don’t get caught singing the trapped-with-my-vendor blues.

Below we’ve outlined a few of the times when the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech can prepare you to take advantage of exciting new opportunities for competitive advantage in your market.

Scenario One: It’s time to evolve your product design, but your injection molder doesn’t have the know-how or enthusiasm to make it happen.

This scenario is one we see frequently here at KASO. Customers come to us because their current manufacturer was struggling to help them evolve a product whose current iteration had ceased to produce results. Perhaps there are competitive pressures from other products in the market, or maybe you’ve been dying to add a new product feature you just know will wow your customers. Whatever the case, when the time comes you want an injection molder with strong engineering expertise that can help you take the necessary steps towards product evolution.

Scenario Two: Due to quality issues or missed deadlines, you’ve lost that loving feeling.

Sad but true, just because you and your contract manufacturer were once right for each other, doesn’t mean you always will be. Especially if you start getting poor feedback about product quality, or start seeing a lot of missed deadlines. In these cases it can be tempting to hope that the relationship gets better in time, but it doesn’t always happen. Your products are your reputation. You deserve an injection molder who is dedicated to making you look good.

Scenario 3: You’re only staying because you fear getting sucker punched by switching costs.

In this last scenario, any number of earlier missteps have already left you feeling it’s time to make a run for the door, but you’re afraid of the pain that may come when you move production to a new manufacturer. But fear of switching costs misses one very significant factor – the benefits you’ll have to gain, whether that means a reduction in the price of manufacturing, shipping costs alleviated by choosing a more local partner, or any other aspect of your production that will move to the WIN column.

Things to evaluate when looking for a new contract injection molder:

  • Does the injection molder have in-house engineering resources?
  • Do their manufacturing capabilities match your needs?
  • Does the company maintain a solid reputation for quality?
  • Do they hold certifications that are relevant to your industry?

If you find the answer to all of these questions is “yes” you may have just found the perfect manufacturer for your business. So don’t be afraid when the time comes because change might be inevitable, but heartbreak can be avoided when you take the right steps to move on.

Have questions about changing manufacturers? We can help. Contact KASO to talk with a helpful representative today.