3D printing has been a buzzword in the news for the past year or so, but new data suggests the time might finally be here for 3D printing to make inroads into nearly every industry, from Aerospace to consumer products.

According to a new report published by RnRMarketResearch.com, the 3D printing market is forecasted for massive growth through 2018, at a rate of 19.9% CAGR. Those are pretty impressive figures, but what exactly will be driving that staggering growth?

3D Printing Awareness
For one big thing, it seems the awareness of 3D printing as a manufacturing process has finally hit the big-time. No longer only viable for prototypes, new technological advancements and the rise of additive manufacturing are beginning to cut through to the mainstream.

As we reported on earlier in 2013, 3D printing has been used for rapid prototyping since the mid-80s, but it’s just in recent years that the technology has improved enough to be a widespread solution for many manufacturers, with additive manufacturing becoming a real possibility for smaller-run production and highly customizable products.

These advancements have also made it possible for manufacturers looking to utilize the technology to use a widely variant number of materials for 3D printing, from traditional ABS and PLA to metals like steel, titanium, and even gold.

A recent article published in TCTMagazine.com cites the rising interest of industries as disparate as dental, medical devices, and Aerospace as strong indicators of the rise of 3D printing.

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