A recent article by Stephen Moore on the Plastics Today website noted the growth we’ve been seeing in 3D printing isn’t merely set to continue–it’s set to explode between now and 2017.

That growth will come in large part due to the adoption of 3D printing and 3D printers by consumer and “prosumer” market segments, which are catching on to the possibilities that 3D printing presents in making individualized products while 3D printer costs grow ever more affordable.

Industrial markets have been using 3D printing for some time now, and these applications will continue to see steady growth in coming years, making further inroads into mass customization of products throughout consumer products and other industries.

KASO Plastics invested in 3D printing technology back in 2012, as a way to create new opportunities for KASO customers in Medical, Military, Automotive and

3D printing and its counterpart, additive manufacturing are often used for prototype parts and, as we will see in coming years, small-run production of custom plastics. Here at KASO, we are excited to be a part of this movement and to further explore the added flexibility and design innovations that will result from the move to 3D printing.

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