When you’re developing a new product, your goal is to get the most favorable results possible from the design and manufacturing process. Unfortunately, there are a few common mistakes we see a lot of product developers make when they’re in the midst of this process. Understanding some of these common mistakes can help you remain vigilant and avoid setbacks that might crop up during your product development.

  • Rushing the process: Everyone wants to get their product developed as quickly as possible, but you should be prepared for a process that’s a little longer than you might initially expect. Between prototyping, design iterations, and all of the little unexpected things that have a tendency to pop up during product development, the process will take some time. It is important to resist this urge to rush the process, as rushing can lead to issues that can potentially reduce the quality or effectiveness of your product. Faulty products can lead to a damaged reputation and less sales!
  • Unwillingness to adapt: More often than not, the completed product is noticeably different than the initial product design you started the product development process with. As time goes on, you might run into problems with the product design, or your manufacturer may bring additional manufacturing issues to your attention that will require design modifications. The more willing and prepared you are to adapt to these changes, the more successful your product will be.
  • Legal issues: Sometimes, product developers can run into legal problems if they don’t do their research thoroughly, opening them up to patent infringement issues. Always do your due diligence to ensure the product you’re developing will not violate any existing trademarks or copyrights. Taking the time to do that research beforehand is far more cost-effective than dealing with a legal challenge from a patent holder down the road.
  • Ignoring pricing: Cost is an essential factor to consider when you’re developing a product. You might already be shopping around for the lowest manufacturing bids and looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your design, but a lot of product developers get stuck when they fail to account for pricing changes and potential extra expenses that drive up their costs. A more liberal cost estimate leaves room to address potential setbacks in the midst of the product development process without ratcheting up overall costs.
  • Wrong team: Even the best product can be derailed if you don’t have the right team. Carefully consider who you work with to bring your product to fruition from your manufacturers to your design engineers and make sure that you find people and businesses you can trust to help you through your product’s development.

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