Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is a material that’s been used for products that experience extreme environmental stress (like those conditions found in Aerospace and high-performance Automotive uses) for years, but new applications for the incredibly strong and durable material are being discovered for other industries as well, for products as wide-ranging as sports equipment and high-tech audio.

Earlier this year, KASO Plastics teamed up with custom compounder RTP Company in order to source material for Werner Paddles, a company known for its kayaking and other sport paddles. The high strength-to-weight ratio of the material made it an ideal candidate for the paddles, which required high aesthetic qualities while also maintaining high levels of performance. CFRP found itself once again in the spotlight this month when it was announced Boeing Corporation had partnered with BMW to provide the automobile manufacturer with recycled CFRP from Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.

Finding alternative uses is a big priority for the Aerospace giant; up to 2/3 of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic the company purchases can end up as production scrap following manufacture of the 787. By partnering with BMW and other companies like RTP, Boeing is able to recycle a large percentage of the material.

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used for applications requiring high levels of strength and durability. Improved manufacturing techniques in recent years have made it a more cost effective solution as costs and time necessary for manufacture have improved. Another benefit that has made the material so popular is its lightweight characteristics in comparison to aluminum and other metals.

CFRP can be a valuable alternative during product development for KASO’s Consumer ElectronicsMilitaryand Automotive customers. Contact KASO Plastics today to learn more and to see how the experienced engineers at KASO can help provide optimal production and materials selection expertise.