If you are involved in product development, you may already be familiar with the concept of early supplier involvement (ESI), at least to some extent. In essence, early supplier involvement is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than waiting until a product has been designed and is well on its way to production, ESI gives product developers and manufacturers a chance to sync their resources at the very beginning stages of product development.

There are several benefits to utilizing early supplier development, but it’s also important to understand how you and your manufacturing partner must interact for seamless product development and production. The next time you speak with your manufacturer, make sure you ask them these questions about early supplier involvement.

  • Are you equipped with the resources for early supplier involvement? It’s essential that your manufacturer not only understands early supplier involvement but also that they have the resources they need to execute this process effectively. This means that your manufacturer will need to have extensive resources when it comes to providing engineering and design assistance, prototyping, and manufacturing.
  • How much experience do you have with ESI? Theoretical knowledge of early supplier involvement is important, but it won’t ensure an effective execution of product design. Ask your manufacturer how much experience they have with this method and what results ESI has provided for customers.
  • What types of design optimization techniques do you utilize? Ask specifically about just how your manufacturer will utilize early supplier involvement. It’s important for you to understand exactly what the process will look like and how it will influence the design of your product.
  • How will early supplier involvement help me cut costs? One of the most significant advantages of early supplier involvement is the fact that it can cut costs considerably throughout product development. The collaboration between you, your manufacturer, and other supply chain partners may produce a higher quality design that’s easier and therefore more efficient to manufacture. It’s important that you ask your manufacturer directly about which costs may be affected by taking part in the early supplier involvement process.


At KASO Plastics, it is always our goal to deliver the highest quality parts and products to our customers. We are experienced in utilizing a variety of different techniques and methods, including early supplier involvement, and we are equipped with the tools necessary to streamline product development and optimize design to cut costs and boost manufacturing efficiency. To find out more, simply contact us online or via phone.