Xtract Solutions Allergen Mixing Assistant (AMA) provides nurses with a valuable tool to refrigerate, organize and mix allergenic extractions, with a unique combination of technological and ergonomic features designed to provide users with reliable operation, organization and 24/7 temperature control.


Xtract Solutions had a great idea for a new product, but they lacked completed designs. Not wanting to waste valuable time, the company was understandably hesitant to get started with a manufacturing partner. However, just one meeting with the experienced engineers at KASO convinced the Xtract team. That’s because the meeting gave them the opportunity to discover the many benefits of KASO’s Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) process. Xtract engineers quickly realized the ESI process would save them, rather than cost them, valuable development time. The ESI process at KASO provides product designers full access to the depth of knowledge of the KASO engineering and manufacturing staff. This access helps product designers plan and oversee a successful product launch (with decreased time to market) while also taking into consideration room for future innovation and growth.

KASO’s Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) process ensures product designs address the many aspects of design and manufacturing that will come into play during production. This can save significant time and financial resources by addressing any potential design and manufacturing challenges long before manufacturing begins.

The quote below sums up just how Early Supplier Involvement at KASO can help during New Product Introduction

Just wanted to thank you VERY much for your time last week… I found great value in our meeting and am completely bought into this process of “early supplier involvement”. Though at first the idea of coming up there without a “design” appeared without value, after the experience of idea generation together while exploring the problem I really am a disciple of the process. The value is unquantifiable as it’s obviated an enormous amount of unnecessary conversations which we WOULD have had if you didn’t fully understand our problem, and we didn’t fully understand your processes. The value of this is time I DON’T spend… I love that!”

KASO’s engineering staff can provide expert assistance to help you:

All of these factors influence the success of a new product introduction. KASO engineers can help choose the best materials solutions and provide expert design assistance that can have an enormous impact on the entire lifecycle of the product. This allows customers like Xtract achieve tangible benefits throughout the entire design and plastic injection manufacturing process.

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