Overmolding is an injection molding process that involves the combination of multiple materials to form a single part. This process makes it possible to create dynamic components that combine the best qualities of different materials for unique applications. There are several different benefits of overmolding that clearly explain why it’s become an increasingly popular process among plastics manufacturers. Find out more about overmolding so that you can decide whether you might be able to utilize this process to benefit your products.


  • Aesthetic appeal: Performance is key when it comes to the design of injection molded components, but aesthetic appeal can be a big selling point among your customers. Thermoplastic elastomer is typically used for the exterior of overmolded components and it comes in a variety of colors. Using TPE allows you to select the colors and finish levels to give your products an aesthetic edge over your competitors.
  • Better performance: When it comes to specialized tools, tactile sensitivity is essential. Using vermolding with TPE, you can create a non-slip, comfortable grip that’s ideal for applications that require significant dexterity and stability.
  • Cost savings: Since overmolding makes it possible to combine multiple materials in a single mold, it can save you money over other methods of injection molding. Overmolding allows manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective process that yields favorable manufacturing outcomes.


Even though overmolding can result in long-term cost savings and higher quality parts, there are other things to consider as well. To get started with overmolding, you’ll need to have the appropriate equipment and be prepared with your tooling design. If you aren’t already equipped for overmolding, it can be challenging to get all of the necessary resources in place. The best way to get started with overmolding is by meeting with an expert in the process. They can help you determine whether the process is right for your needs and what kinds of costs might come up.

For help with all of your overmolding needs, you can get expert assistance from KASO Plastics. We can help you weigh your options, calculate costs and implement a new overmolding strategy for your parts and components. Give us a call or contact us online today to get started.