No industry exists in a vacuum. Injection molding is a process that’s used for the production of a wide range of components from a variety of industries:

  • Telecommunications: Regardless of the popularity of mobile devices and wireless technology, much of the information that’s exchanged on a global scale is transmitted through fiber optic cables. Fiber optic networks require all kinds of adapters and specialized plastic parts to work effectively, and that’s where the injection molding industry comes in. Injection molders produce many of the adapters and attachments that are necessary for the function of fiber optic cables for telecommunications. As fiber optic connectivity spreads to more and more places around the world, the demand for these parts will only grow.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Any products used for pharmaceutical applications must meet high standards of quality, uniformity and sterilization. Everything from syringes to eye droppers feature injection molded components. Currently, the United States population is growing older, which means that demand for pharmaceutical products and accessories is on the rise and innovations in pharmaceutical research will only fuel this growth.
  • Medical devices: In addition to pharmaceutical products, medical devices used by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals also require injection molded parts. Things like stethoscope parts, medical research tools, and device packaging can be produced using injection molding techniques and procedures. The medical industry is indispensable; as such, demand for medical devices promises to hold steady indefinitely.
  • Consumer products: Consumer goods like toys, automotive parts, electronic devices, household items, and more all include injection molded components and parts. Injection molding makes it possible for manufacturers to produce parts with detailed designs, flowing lines, and specialized textures depending on the specific application. Over the next several years, spending on consumer goods is expected to increase significantly, and the injection molding industry will be able to capitalize on this growth.
  • Transportation: Industrial truck shipments continue to be an essential element of the global transportation market, and injection molding plays a critical role in the industry. Everything from semi-truck handles and body panels to brake pads and aspirators are made using injection molding. Steady growth in the purchase of consumer goods and the rise in popularity of online shopping means that ground shipping will continue to grow as an industry.

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