This past year, the automotive market saw an increase of 4%, the biggest single increase since back in 2002.

This is great news for injection molders acting as suppliers for automotive manufacturing, according to a recent article published on, and helps explain the 17% increase in sales for automotive molders in 2012.

But what else does this mean for companies offering injection molding services for automotive OEMs? To start, it means an increase in hiring as companies stretch to fulfill more orders and add manufacturing capacity. It is also encouraging for supply chain and manufacturing equipment providers. Many manufacturers are expected to begin investing in new equipment (like KASO’s recent purchase of a new Arburg injection molding machine at the beginning of the year).

We are excited by these tidings of good news, and as always we will work to provide KASO customers with the very best in injection molding, engineering services and value added secondary services throughout 2013.