No matter what kind of part or product you’re developing, you need to have a manufacturer you can trust to provide the expertise you need to get your product from concept to completion. Unfortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers out there that look great on paper, but simply can’t provide the level of service or quality that your product needs. If you’re not completely satisfied with your current manufacturer, but you aren’t sure whether it’s time to move on yet, consider a few of the most important signs that it’s time to break up with your manufacturer.

3 Signs You Should Switch Manufacturers

  • Your manufacturer isn’t communicating: Communication is key in any relationship, including the relationship you have with your manufacturer. If your manufacturer isn’t getting your questions answered, or isn’t paying attention to your requests, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to move on. If you can’t communicate with your manufacturer effectively, it’s highly likely you won’t get the product outcomes that you’re looking for, either.
  • Your needs have changed: It’s not uncommon for products to change over time. If your current manufacturer can’t offer the services that you need for your evolving product, you might need to find a different manufacturer who has the correct staff and skillset to help you. Make sure to get a consultation with your new manufacturer to ensure that they have the experience and resources necessary to help you with your product.
  • Pricing has changed: While it’s normal for manufacturing rates to vary slightly, massive price changes from a manufacturer are a big red flag. If you feel like your manufacturer is giving you the bait and switch when it comes to pricing, it’s probably time to start shopping around for a new manufacturer with fair and consistent pricing.

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