How We Can Make Injection Molding More Sustainable

If you use injection molding to produce plastic parts and components, it’s important to consider the ways in which your production affects the environment and what you can do to minimize the effects it has on the world around you.

Here are just a few of the ways we can work together to make injection molding more sustainable for all of us.

  • Reduce scrap: Injection molding often produces a significant amount of scrap that goes to waste in landfills. Not only does scrap contribute to increased landfill waste and a more significant carbon footprint, it also contributes to a more costly injection molding process. While it may be impossible to eliminate scrap completely, there are several things you can do to optimize your manufacturing processes to reduce scrap.
  • Recycle scrap: When possible, many manufacturers choose to recycle scrap that’s produced during the injection molding process. Some types of plastic polymers that are used in injection molding are very easy to recycle, while others cannot be recycled after they’ve been heated or molded. You can discuss recycling options with an injection molding engineer who can give you information based on the particular materials you are working with.
  • Ship locally: International shipping contributes a significant amount of carbon and waste to the environment. As much as you can, try to ship locally and source materials from local suppliers. The less transportation you need, the more sustainable and eco-friendly your operation will be.
  • All-electric molding machines: Traditionally, injection molding machines have been powered by hydraulic technology. While these types of machines are still commonly used, it’s becoming increasingly popular to convert to all-electric machines. All-electric injection molding machines are more sustainable and have less of an impact on the environment than hydraulic injection molding machines.
  • Use post-consumer products: Using recycled materials can boost the sustainability of your operation significantly. Try to source recycled materials locally so that you can reduce the amount of time, energy and money spent on shipping over long distances. Using recycled materials is better for the environment and it often saves you money over using brand-new materials for all of your products and components.

At KASO Plastics, we know how important it is to improve the sustainability of our injection molding processes and to find ways to help our clients meet their own sustainability goals. Regardless of what your specific needs are, our team is here to assist you. Contact us today for a consultation or to get a quote for our services.