3D printing is an exciting technology that has only continued to grow more refined and sophisticated since its original iteration back in 1993. In recent years, we have seen it used for everything from prototype manufacturing to 3D-printed shoes.

The opportunities that 3D printing technology has opened have had huge impacts on a number of industries—including plastics manufacturing. Today, we are starting to see a number of exciting new 3D printing applications being utilized across our industry.


  • Small-batch manufacturing: In the past, making molds for a small batch of manufactured plastics was a both time-consuming and expensive process. That is, until 3D printing technology made it possible to produce short-run injection molds made from many different kinds of polymers, depending on the specific application. Because of how quickly, precisely and affordably plastic injection molds can be made through the use of 3D printing, it is quickly becoming a more economical option for small-batch manufacturers.
  • Customized products: With an ever-increasing demand for products and components that are customized and tailored to users and applications, 3D printing allows manufacturers to create unique plastic molds and components that don’t compromise cost. Some shoe companies have utilized 3D printing technology to produce shoes that are tailor-made to fit the wearer perfectly. This customization isn’t just important for consumer goods, it can also be applied to plastic injection molding applications for a wide variety of industries.
  • Low-quantity polymer parts: Traditionally, small parts that need to be produced in low quantities have been fabricated from metals. With 3D printing, it has become far more practical to make polymer components to replace these metals. Some 3D printed components, like carbon-fiber-filled-polymer, can be used in place of even the most rugged metal components.


At KASO Plastics, we have been on the forefront of plastic injection molding and engineering since we were founded in 1962. A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to providing our customers with quality work and innovative solutions has remained the same.

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