Following our recent rapid prototyping expansion with a new FDM 3D printer last year, KASO Plastics will start off 2013 with a new capital equipment purchase of a 66-ton all-electric Arburg plastic injection molding machine.

The new plastic injection molding machine will help to increase KASO’s manufacturing productivity as well as improve environmental and production efficiencies. The new all-electric model makes it not only more energy efficient (energy savings from electric vs. hydraulic injection molding machines can be well over 50% in some cases) but also provides improved accuracy and repeatability during injection molding. KASO will incorporate these advantages in order to continually improve our ability to provide high-quality, close tolerance parts at competitive prices.

But perhaps the biggest benefit for KASO and KASO’s plastic injection molding customers is the new machine’s ability to reduce product cycle times. These shortened cycle times allow us to provide cost reductions as well as improve our ability to handle large-volume projects.

The all-electric Arburg injection molding machine’s environmentally efficient operation and reduced emissions makes this machine a good choice for Medical manufacturing and other complex industries as well as for automotive manufacturing and other markets.

The latest purchase is just a small part of KASO’s ongoing commitment to technological and mechanical advancements in plastic injection molding, investing in our equipment and services so we can pass these benefits on to our customers.

We encourage you to check out the rest of our site to learn more about KASO and any of our plastic injection molding services including gas assist injection moldingstructural foam molding, and insert over-molding.



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