Some of the buzz about U.S. manufacturing may have died down in recent months, but it’s no secret that the manufacturing industry remains by and large one of our nation’s greatest assets. Here we outline 10 of the reasons Made in America still matters to all of us. From public perception towards U.S. products to innovative Research and Development, U.S. manufacturing is constantly on the go.

  1. 51 cents of every dollar. That’s the amount U.S. consumers and businesses spent on goods manufactured in the United States in 2012.
  2. 78% of Americans would rather buy U.S. made products.
  3. 60% of Americans believe U.S. goods are of better quality than those made in other countries.
  4. 25% of Americans would pay 20% OR MORE to purchase Made in the USA products.
  5. .U.S. manufactured products reduce shipping times and shipping costs.
  6. Manufacturing in the United States meets higher safety regulations and must adhere to environmental standards regarding emissions and pollutants.
  7. 80% of Americans would choose U.S. manufactured products because they want to keep manufacturing jobs in America.
  8. Cutting edge technologies and new manufacturing techniques. The face of U.S. manufacturing is changing, and with it, new opportunities are being created for technically skilled workers with big ideas. Constant improvement is the key to remaining competitive in a changing global landscape.
  9. Innovation. American manufacturers undertake more than ¾ of ALL of the R&D in the nation, continually pushing innovation in the nation forward.
  10. Plastics are helping lead the charge. With more than $380 million in annual shipments, plastics manufacturing is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States.


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