Mold flow analysis is the virtual study optimization and of key injection molding attributes such as pressure profile, time to fill, melt temperature, and mold flow points that take place before any actual injection mold tooling or production begins. This enables evaluation and insight into the performance and function of injection molded products before production even begins, allowing us to verify specifications of a project to ensure its viability.

In this way, KASO Plastics is able to verify product designs and prevent any issues before they arise, saving you both time and money throughout product development.

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This approach can also be implemented to current injection mold issues to analyze any existing problems, allowing us to determine if retooling can improve a molded part. With our highly skilled staff and cutting edge technology, we can help you lower costs, improve time to market, and maintain the quality of parts you’ve come to expect from KASO Plastics.

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Some examples of where KASO can provide analysis

  • Over Molding
  • Materials Selection
  • Injection Mold Tooling

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