Innovate or die. An aging mantra (attributed to Bill Gates back in the 1990s we think?), but also still relevant today. The one thing that’s missing? What that looks like in practice. Often, people think only of product designers holed up somewhere working and then re-working designs, wastebaskets full of ideas that proved unsuccessful. What’s missing in that picture is the partnerships, between product designers and the manufacturers who produce these new products in order to turn those dreams into tangible products making their way to market.

Yes, companies need to continue to deliver new products; they also need to strive to continuously improve upon current products but they can’t do it without help. That means partnering with a contract manufacturer, a plastic injection molder, a machine shop, an assembler. These critical manufacturing capabilities are necessary to bring new, innovative products to light quickly and efficiently enough to be competitive in the market.

At KASO Plastics, we take this drive for innovation seriously. That’s why we offer several services and in fact entire programs designed specifically to help initiate and then support ongoing innovation.

Innovation Capability #1: Turning old products into better products
Metal to plastic part conversion is a service offered by KASO Plastics and supported by our experienced engineering staff. Think you’ve already discovered all your options for creating lighter weight, better functioning parts? You may be missing out. KASO engineers have both the knowledge and the insight to help you see possibilities you may not have seen before.

Innovation Capability #2: Get ready for new products with rapid prototyping and 3D printing at KASO.
The prototyping phase of any new project is important. This is where you’ll test out your designs as well as validate the fit and function of your products. This is why KASO is invested in rapid prototyping using 3D printing technology. Rapid prototyping is part of our ongoing Early Supplier Involvement process as well, helping product designers understand our manufacturing capabilities, improve product manufacturability, and discover the most suitable materials to use in manufacturing.

Innovation Capability #3: Custom made products
Sometimes, high volume orders aren’t the objective at all. In fact, sometimes you need a manufacturer who can create a custom manufactured solution that’s made just for you. KASO’s recent acquisition of Vanguard Fenestration is a perfect example. Not only did we take over manufacturing of their full line of molded windows and door products, we were also excited to improve our ability to create custom injection molding solutions, creating custom injection molded parts for a wide range of applications.

How will you choose to innovate on behalf of your company? And how will you decide on the right manufacturing partner?