Growth happens. And when it does, your business may be faced with a real dilemma if you aren’t prepared to take on the additional capacity, leaving you out in the cold when it comes to enjoying those highly coveted economies of scale. Retooling can often be the solution to help your business grow more efficiently.

Many businesses begin part production with a conceptual idea. At this point, your concerns are probably focused a lot more on proving out your inspiration than about ramping up production in the future. But what happens when that idea takes off and suddenly your production goes from 10 or 20 thousand units to 100,000?

Enter KASO Plastics retooling services. KASO engineers can help you with your retooling needs, taking you from a single cavity injection mold to two or even multi-cavity tooling.

What are the benefits for your business? Greater capacity and more efficient production with reduced per part cycle time, getting more parts and products out the door quickly while sometimes dramatically reducing your cost to produce a single unit.

For businesses looking for a solution that can provide the most benefit today AND help them prepare for future injection mold ramp-up, a bridge tool can might be the answer. Bridge tools are tooled leaving extra space that can accommodate the addition of another cavity in the future, so you don’t need to completely retool when you’re ready to increase manufacturing capacity at a later date.

To prepare for bridge tooling, it’s important to do your legwork when it comes to projecting your future production needs, so you prepare to ramp up without adding unnecessary capacity. Bridge tooling is somewhat more expensive than injection mold tooling of a single cavity mold, often around 10 to 20% on top of the initial investment in single cavity production.

Once you have created a bridge tool, the costs to add an additional mold cavity are fairly easy to absorb, making this a versatile option for businesses anticipating additional capacity needs.

Want to know if injection mold retooling is the right next step for your business? Talk to KASO’s expert engineering team, or visit our plastic injection molding page to learn more about our other injection mold services.