In times of disaster, getting information from those on the scene to the organizations that can send help is one of the most crucial steps involved in making sure people get much-needed relief.

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That’s why the Red Cross uses special high-tech PDA devices designed by KASO manufacturing customer Trimble to help on-the-ground Red Cross workers record assessment information for damaged homes and coordinate the sharing of that information between local agencies and the national organization’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The MIL-STD products are manufactured to be tough enough for even the most demanding environmental conditions; the GPS-enabled devices use dropdown menus to record damages and then transmit that information back to disaster relief national offices where it’s used to provide much needed assistance for families affected by fire and other disasters.

MIL-STD applications are some of the most demanding product specifications on the market today. Ensuring products can operate successfully no matter the situation is a necessity for products such as Trimble’s PDA devices. KASO has proudly provided military-grade product manufacturing for more than 40 years.

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