After disappointing numbers in the years following the economic recession, things are starting to look up for the automotive industry. In a recent article posted on Plastic Industry Trade Association SPI’s blog, dismal production figures that dipped down to only 10.6 million units in 2009 have steadily climbed back their way back up—to 12.8 million units closing out 2011 with predictions as high as 13.8 million units for 2012.

This increase affects every member of the automotive supply chain. As noted previously (“Designers Turn to Plastics to Lighten the Load for Automotive Parts”), using plastics to product automotive parts is a key factor in the quest to produce lighter-weight, more fuel efficient vehicles. As concerns rise over longstanding environmental and economic effects, designers and manufacturers are turning more than ever to plastic for solutions.

Rising production numbers reflect a rebound in consumer confidence–as people begin to feel more confident making larger purchases, production numbers continue to climb. It’s also a reminder that economic activity by large is waking up in the United States and the rest of the world as (Read more about end of year manufacturing growth: “Manufacturing Expands by Most in Six Months”).

All this is good news for KASO’s production partners. At KASO, we’ve specialized in automotive parts development since we opened our doors in 1962; our wide range of capabilities allows us to provide our customers with close tolerance parts that will arrive at your facility ready for final assembly. Learn more about Automotive injection molding services at KASO.

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