While plastic injection molding is why our customers from a wide range of industries–automotive, electronics, even military–come to see us at KASO in the first place, it is often the additional advantages they receive while working with us that keeps them coming back.

Often following hot on the heels of an injection molding project, additional secondary services take injection molded parts from simple components to turn them into market-ready products. Injection molded components may require final assembly and more complex parts may require additional precision machining services following initial manufacture, or some may just need a little final sprucing up in terms of labeling or other decorative features.

Luckily, KASO Plastics has always maintained competencies that can handle any of these final requests, providing many secondary services in-house to provide our customers with a single supplier experience that can speed up production, reduce manufacturing and shipping costs, or simply ensure products are completed using a single project manager to manage the project from start to finish.

We want to ensure that every new project meets your requirements and ships on-time, and everything we do at KASO is built on that foundation. This is why we also provide engineering services to help with product design, including early involvement with your product designers through KASO’s Early Supplier Involvement process, and our other services that include rapid prototying and 3D printing as well as materials selection to help you choose the best material for your next project.

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