When it comes to your plastic parts, you hear a lot about the importance of material selection. And, while it can seem confusing at first, the truth is proper material selection can make a BIG difference for your products. Here’s why.


Now you might be thinking surely there are plenty of materials that could work for my products. And to a certain extent, that’s true. But the whole point of material selection is to find the BEST material to suit your particular applications while keeping costs in check with your budget. You may be surprised to learn the most expensive option isn’t always the best when it comes to meeting your particular needs. Working with an engineering partner who understands these nuances can create real cost savings for you over the lifetime of your product.


Based on the properties of your chosen materials, your design guidelines may change. An experienced engineering team can help you through these changes to ensure your product design is optimized for a particular material. You’ll need to consider your product’s strength, flexibility, and functional requirements to make sure the material selected can meet them.


  • Material costs
  • Physical properties
  • Chemical properties
  • Operational environment
  • Cosmetic requirements
  • Functional requirements

Ultimately, what makes material selection so important is what happens if you choose unwisely. No one wants to experience product failure out in the field.

Here at KASO Plastics, our engineers are very experienced in proper material selection, ensuring your products always receive the correct materials for your applications.

Learn more about material selection: Considerations for Material Selection.

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