KASO invites you to take our challenge and find out for yourself the benefits you’ll receive from working with us. Offshoring is no longer the best answer to save money, and having a local manufacturer keeps you in control of your projects. Competitive costs, faster turn-around, and greater involvement makes choosing a local injection molder the right choice for your business and your value driven goals.


  • Miscommunication
  • Political instability
  • Security risks
  • Long delivery times
  • Risk of confusion on order and product specifications
  • Poor technical support
  • Resolving injection problems
  • Part malfunctions
  • Changes in businesses forecast models
  • Global rising costs
  • Market complexity
  • Competitive pressures
  • Quality guidelines


  • Project managers can be onsite to evaluate the process, quality, and accuracy of projects
  • Shipping times become days instead of weeks or even months
  • Ramp up or down project orders in the event that business forecasts change
  • Using a local manufacturer also allows businesses to explore and develop their products together
  • Ability of short run production to ensure products come out to desired specifications and quality before full line production
  • Improving organizational logistics
  • Receive real time personal design and engineering assistance

With the changes in our global economies, onshoring is just as affordable, and much more appealing for client/manufacturer projects and relations. In the current marketplace, your customers are your brand, and with comparable production costs around the globe, using local sources provides better customer service and faster solutions to all your products needs.

KASO wants you to consider your business’s complete value proposition when choosing a injection mold manufacturer, evaluate the cost relations compared to local and non-local manufacturing, and take tighter control over your brand and reputation so you can better serve your customers.

We know many businesses choose a long distance relationship with their manufacturers in an effort to save cost, we also know that we can provide a better service at comparable costs, while removing many of the challenges associated with non-local organizations. Contact a KASO representative today and find out how working with a local provider is the better choice for your business goals, logistics, and return on investment.

KASO invites you to take our challenge and find out that the cost and service advantage of working with us is in your favor!

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