Turnkey manufacturing happens when one company facilitates the manufacturing process from start to finish to deliver a completed product to their customer. Every aspect of the process, including design, tooling, manufacturing and inspection, are done by a single company and delivered to the customer. There are several benefits of turnkey manufacturing that are important to keep in mind if you’re considering a turnkey solution.

  • Simple billing: When you’re working with various different companies for manufacturing, you have to deal with different payment procedures and billing cycles. Billing from several different manufacturers can be difficult to keep up with. Working with a single company for turnkey manufacturing makes it easier to handle payments and keep track of billing.
  • Straightforward communication: Trying to coordinate communication with various manufacturers and companies to develop a product can cause confusion and unnecessary stress. When you work with a turnkey manufacturer, you only have to worry about a single point of contact and you can avoid the chaos of dealing with various companies for a single manufacturing project.
  • Streamlined design: Working with different partners on a single project requires a LOT of communication. When you work with a turnkey manufacturer, on the other hand, the design process is streamlined and you only have to communicate with one company when you want to make a change or adjustment.
  • Lower costs: Comprehensive services from a single company can offer you significant cost savings over other manufacturing options. Turnkey manufacturing can save you time on product development and is a cost-effective way to develop a product from start to finish with help from a single company.
  • Improved quality: The consistency and quality that you get from turnkey manufacturing is harder to achieve working with different companies for different aspects of the product design and development process. A turnkey manufacturer can assure quality across all aspects of the manufacturing process so that you feel confident in your finished product.


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