No matter how much research you do before hiring a manufacturer, the reality is your partnership may not work out the way you expect it to. If your manufacturer is unable, or unwilling, to provide you with the level of service that you need, you won’t be able to achieve your goals for your products.
If that is the unfortunate case but you’re feeling hesitant to look for a new manufacturer because you’re concerned about switching costs, it’s worth it to also consider the long-term cost of NOT switching manufacturers.

  • Lower product quality: You may find the quality of your products suffering as a result of sub-par manufacturing support. If your product doesn’t meet requirements, it won’t perform well; and if that happens, you can say goodbye to the return on investment you were hoping for. In some cases, you may even have to go through the entire manufacturing process again to amend the issues caused by your initial manufacturer.
  • Less hands-on support: Some manufacturers simply can’t offer the support that your product needs. If you are looking for hands-on support from your service provider, you may be discouraged by a manufacturer who is hard to get in touch with or who doesn’t seem to understand your specific needs. In this case, switching to a manufacturer who has the time and patience to walk you through every aspect of the manufacturing process will be a better use of your resources.
  • Wasted resources: If you aren’t getting the outcomes you’re hoping for from the manufacturing process, you’re wasting your time, money and energy. You should never invest your resources into services that you aren’t happy with, especially if it is taking a toll on your profitability or bottom line. If your existing manufacturer isn’t delivering the service you need, you aren’t saving any money avoiding the cost of switching to a new service provider. In fact, you’re wasting far more resources by sticking with your existing manufacturer.

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