After the mass exodus of a number of high-profile manufacturers who moved their productions overseas in the past decades, many American companies have begun looking for ways to remain competitive in the marketplace without sacrificing their domestic manufacturing operations. To this end, many of those companies have turned to automation.

Are you trying to decide if manufacturing automation is the right choice for your products? Before you get started, take some time to answer the following questions to ensure that automated injection molding is the best option for your specific needs.

  • What are your hopes for automation? Perhaps one of the most important questions you need to ask is what you are hoping to achieve by automating your processes. Is it about cost, accuracy, quality, or a combination of different factors? Explaining to your manufacturer what you seek to gain from automation can help them guide you through the process and ensure that your expectations are in line with the reality of the process.
  • Are you familiar with the manufacturing process? Without being well-versed in the ins and outs of traditional manufacturing processes, it can be tough to determine whether automation is a feasible option. Take some time to brush up on modern manufacturing processes so you’ll have the context necessary to evaluate successfully.
  • How much of the process do you want to automate? Manufacturing is a multi-step process; it’s possible that automating some of the process while maintaining manual aspects is the most economical choice. You should decide how much of the process you want to have automated.
  • What are the potential disadvantages of automation? Even though automation can cut costs, increase accuracy, and reduce production time, there are also potential disadvantages that you should consider. Ask yourself how automation will impact the manufacturing process and the finished product.


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