As any new year begins, people speculate about what to expect in the coming months. Here are some of the trends affecting the plastics industry in 2019.

  • Growth in automotive end-use applications: While injection molding has traditionally been utilized to create parts and components for machinery, equipment and industrial applications, we expect to see demand growing for injection molding for end-use applications in the coming year. The automotive industry, for example, is taking advantage of injection molding to create lighter weight, more efficient designs. Plastic injection molded parts deliver outstanding performance and efficiency without extra weight, making the parts an excellent choice for automotive manufacturers looking to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Increase in construction applications: Growing demand for residential, commercial, and industrial development in markets across the world means increased construction. Plastic injection molding can be used to manufacture uniform parts for construction applications and designed to deliver incredible performance and longevity. Injection molding can also be used for a wide variety of different materials, depending on the specific construction application.
  • Sustainability concerns: As concern over climate change grows, more people are concerned with the implications of environmental issues. In 2019, there’s no doubt that environmental factors will continue to be on the forefront of manufacturing industry concerns. The good news is plastic injection molding is becoming more sustainable every day. With increased recycling and more efficient manufacturing processes, injection molding is likely to become more sustainable as time goes on.
  • Raw material price changes: Prices can be unpredictable, but are expected to continue their downward trend in 2019, driven by lower cost feedstocks and competition from lower-cost imports. These pricing trends will affect the industry and provide ample opportunities for injection molders to provide competitive pricing for customers.

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