The Design for Manufacture (DFM) Review process is designed to help you optimize your products for manufacturing, making them faster and easier to manufacture while also improving product quality and cutting costs. If you’re still on the fence about whether to ask for a DFM review for your product, consider a few of its biggest benefits.

  • DFM ensures your product is ready for successful manufacturing: Many designs never even make it to manufacturing because they simply aren’t suitable for production. The DFM Review will help you identify potential issues that might arise during manufacturing and adapt your designs for more successful production. This allows you to avoid the headache and expense of dealing with design challenges once production is underway.
  • DFM can enhance your product’s performance and quality: Using DFM, you can identify potential weaknesses in your product’s design and make changes that will result in higher quality and performance.
  • DFM can shorten turnaround times: When it comes to product manufacturing, efficiency is a major priority. A DFM review may be able to shorten your turnaround times by promoting more efficient manufacturing. While DFM does require an upfront investment of time, it paves the way for a streamlined manufacturing process that typically doesn’t require as many iterations for prototyping.
  • DFM can lower your costs: You might be skeptical about DFM due to cost concerns, but the reality is that DFM can actually save you money in the long run. When designs are optimized for manuacturing, you won’t then have to invest as many resources into prototyping or design changes later. In addition, the faster turnaround times and enhanced quality that’s associated with DFM-reviewed products can cut costs and maximize your profitability.

If you want to know more about DFM or any other aspect of product engineering and manufacturing, the team at KASO Plastics is here to help. Our team of engineers and plastic injection molding experts can provide you with the guidance, recommendations, and services that you need to ensure that your product meets all of your expectations.