Over the last several decades, there has been a major shift towards foreign manufacturing. From garments to electronic devices, it seems as though many items on the market today were made somewhere other than the United States. Exporting manufacturing jobs has had significant impacts on the American economy, but it also has implications for day-to-day business operations. Working with a foreign manufacturer can cause complications and difficulties that impact your turnaround time and the quality of your products.

That’s why we ask you to consider the many ways local manufacturing benefits your business.


  • Faster turn-around: Transporting manufactured goods across the globe is a time-consuming process. Your shipment may be subject to prolonged customs processing and various transportation delays for any number of reasons. By manufacturing locally, you are able to streamline the shipping process and avoid all of the delays that can arise during international shipping.
  • Reduced waste: Many overseas manufacturers impose order minimums that can leave companies with excess inventory that must eventually be discarded. Because local manufacturers generally have much lower order minimums, you can ensure that you are getting the right volume for your needs and avoid holding onto an overflow inventory that goes to waste. Manufacturing locally also helps prevent the waste of energy and fuel that is associated with transporting goods from across the world.
  • Quality control: It can be incredibly frustrating to receive a shipment from an international manufacturer only to find flaws or imperfections. When you work with a local manufacturer, you are able to develop a close working relationship with them and open up the lines of communication so that you are made aware of developments in your order as they happen.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Transporting manufactured goods across the globe isn’t an inexpensive prospect. You are subject to exorbitant rates and fees—not to mention the fact that your shipment may become damaged or lost in transit. Manufacturing locally can significantly reduce your transportation costs and can help prevent your order from being damaged during shipment.

Find out firsthand how advantageous it can be to work with a local manufacturer by contacting KASO Plastics. We provide our customers with the highest quality plastic injection molding and engineering services that they can rely on when it comes to quality and efficiency. Talk to us today to find out more about what we can do for your business.