Over the last several decades, shifts in the economy and changes to manufacturing practices have led to major changes in how– and where– manufacturing is done. While we’re all familiar with the stories of companies outsourcing manufacturing operations overseas, you may not hear as much about reshoring, which is what happens when a company brings manufacturing back to the domestic market. Needless to say, reshoring has a myriad of benefits for manufacturers, workers, and consumers; but with all of the recent changes to trade policies and the economy, you may be wondering just how reshoring has been impacted in the last couple of years. The good news is that, on the whole, things seem to be looking up.


Since 2010, announcements of reshoring, combined with those of foreign direct investments, are up a staggering 2800%. Part of this spike in reshoring can be attributed to the promising state of the economy in the last couple of years. With the promise of tax cuts and job growth, 2016 became the first year since 1970 that the United States saw more jobs come back through reshoring than were lost to outsourcing.

Reshoring is a big deal for the manufacturing industry, especially since its boom in the last several years. In 2017, reshoring and foreign direct investments were responsible for 90% of the jobs that were added to the manufacturing industry. All of this growth contributes to the fastest rate of job growth through reshoring in history.


Current market conditions, at home and abroad, are contributing to a climate that makes reshoring a viable options for companies. For one thing, consumers are more informed than they have been historically of the negative implications of overseas manufacturing and the importance of purchasing products that are made in the USA. The increased consumer demand for these products, and the fact that many consumers are willing to pay somewhat higher prices for these items, has motivated manufacturers to prioritize their production in the United States. And, with wages in developing countries rising, it is becoming less lucrative for companies to move their operations overseas. Many companies are realizing that, in the long run, operations in the US are better for their profits, their employees, and their customers.

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