In recent years, 3D printing technology has revolutionized the way people approach prototyping, product design, and manufacturing. While this technology is still evolving, today it is already used widely for a variety of product applications. When 3D printing is used properly, it can help you improve your product design and development process as well as cutting prototyping and manufacturing costs.


Over the last several years, 3D printing has developed from a prototyping tool into an incredibly useful and reliable technique for quickly producing various parts and components for lower volume projects. 3D printers can now be used to produce objects with complex and intricate designs. 3D printing is a great tool for producing prototypes without any specialized molds or tooling. By utilizing 3D printing to create prototypes during design can result in a number of benefits including lowered cost, more functional designs, greater innovation, and improved product success.

  • Design optimization: Anyone who’s developed and produced a product knows that it seldom makes it to production unchanged from the initial design. 3D printing allows you to find design flaws and weaknesses through continuous prototyping. This allows you to optimize your design for better manufacturing.
  • Greater versatility: 3D printers have the capacity to produce incredibly complex and intricate designs, freeing you to create more innovative products. You can use unique shapes that allow you to reduce the weight of your product while increasing flexibility and functionality.
  • Better manufacturing outcomes: By testing and refining products using 3D printing prototyping before they are produced on a large scale, you can work out design issues and flaws before investing in costly molds and tooling for large-scale manufacturing. Prototyping with 3D printing can improve the quality of your manufactured product and ensure its successful production.

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