KASO engineers were recently challenged with finding a new material solution for Werner Paddles—makers of some of the world’s finest kayak, canoe and stand-up paddles—ultimately finding their solution in a very unlikely place: carbon fiber reclaimed from manufacturing scrap from Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner airplane production.

The search for a material that was both tough and attractive enough to meet the needs of Werner’s premium paddles led KASO to RTP Company, a global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics. RTP developed the material for the paddles through a partnership with Boeing that introduced the company to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association. The result: a high-end application that was durable, looked great, and was made out from recycled material. Werner Paddles was thrilled with the new look and performance of the paddles.

Meeting customers’ needs is KASO’s number one priority: from injection mold design and construction to materials selection and injection molding services. Our engineers work closely with customers to guide them through the materials selection phase of product development, and our longstanding relationships with materials suppliers like RTP Company allow us to provide the absolute best experience while making sure the final products both technical and aesthetic specifications.

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