These days, it seems like automation is progressively changing the structure of most industries. Even highly specialized processes are beginning to make the shift to automation. In the injection molding industry, this shift can only be categorized as a revolution, one that is changing nearly every step of the injection molding process. Although these changes can be challenging for businesses to keep up with, it’s easy to see how a variety of factors have led to automation’s popularity in the injection molding industry.


Injection molding is turning to automation for many of the same reasons automation has swept across other industries, namely the fact that automation increases productivity and improves the consistency and quality of finished parts, all while simultaneously creating more efficient processes.

Even a minor mistake during production can extend your production times or negatively affect the quality of finished products. And both of these can seriously impact your bottom line. Automated processes, on the other hand, are generally consistent and efficient, making it possible to manufacture components quickly and with more uniformity. Automating processes gives injection molding businesses the opportunity to provide customers with reliable processing times and predictable results with every cycle.

Although it is often blamed for reducing labor demand and therefore the availability of manufacturing jobs, automation can actually have many benefits for workers. Many of the tasks being automated today are repetitive, tedious, and time-consuming. By automating these tasks, workers can focus on more specialized, technical tasks and spend their time on roles that make the most of their talents and abilities.


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