As you start working with a contract manufacturer, you may also have some reservations about the process. While contract manufacturers offer an essential service, not every relationship between a manufacturer and their customer is positive.

To really get the most out of working with a contract manufacturer, you will need to make an investment in the relationship itself. When you do, you’ll see a big difference in the final outcome of your project.


  • Build a strong foundation: The actions you take when you first start working with a contract manufacturer have significant implications on the outcomes of your project. It’s essential that you build a strong foundation with your contract manufacturer by discussing your expectations, product requirements, and any other relevant project details.
  • Over-communicate: When in doubt, it’s better to communicate more than you need to. Don’t hesitate to ask for updates and information about the project as it progresses. You should keep as much documentation during the design process as possible and ensure that everyone who is working on the project has access to the same materials.
  • Evaluate and improve: Relationships are not static and it’s unlikely that your relationship with your contract manufacturer will stay the same throughout the process. You should constantly be thinking about what’s being done and evaluating whether you are satisfied with the progress that is being made. Be open to new suggestions from your contract manufacturer and try to stay as flexible as possible in the interest of ensuring a great finished product.
  • Be transparent: Secrets don’t make friends, and they don’t make for great manufacturing outcomes either. If there’s something that you are unhappy with or an issue that you are experiencing, bring it to the attention of your contract manufacturer. Chances are, they will appreciate the honesty and be better-equipped to deliver the outcomes you are looking for from your product.

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