The addition of a new Fortus 250 3D printer helps reduce manufacturing time and costs by validating design concepts and identifying potential flaws prior to manufacturing.

KASO is happy to announce we’ve expanded our rapid prototyping capabilities to include 3D printing of ABS prototype parts!

“Our priorities at KASO are focused on our ability to provide the highest level of quality during every step of the development and manufacturing process,” says KASO General Manager Darin King. “Our customers look to us to provide manufacturing excellence in all areas, from prototyping and design support to value added secondary services. This is why we continue to invest in resources and equipment like 3D printing.”

We will be able to use the printer to create ABS prototype parts nearly as strong as an injection molded part, in some cases as much as 80% the strength of traditional plastic injection parts. This strength means KASO’s plans to use the 3D printer for conceptual models and master patterns may eventually include using the printer as a cost effective alternative for the occasional small run finished part.

The new 3D printing rounds out KASO’s other services: rapid prototyping

mold design construction and injection molding services that include gas assist injection moldinginsert over-mold and structural foam molding as well as traditional injection mold techniques.