The plastic injection molding market continues to evolve, creating greater specialization and more technological advancements than ever before.

But alas, it seems some pressures never change.

Lower costs! Higher quality! Greater productivity! The refrain remains the same but the pressure only increases. That’s why you need a plastics manufacturer with plenty of tools to help you combat these challenges and stay competitive. How do we do it here at KASO?


Automation is a tool that KASO increasingly employs to help speed up manufacturing and improve product quality. Our dedicated staff are always on the lookout for new opportunities to speed up production and improve part quality by automating various production tasks. Starting by clearly defining YOUR parameters for success, our team can help you find new automated solutions that will get you to your end goal faster.


Are you someone that thinks meetings are a bore? Maybe that’s because you haven’t taken advantage of the Early Supplier Involvement process before. Early Supplier Involvement is a process that helps you get the very most out of your product development partner by combining our companies’ strengths earlier in the design and prototyping stages of your development. By doing so, we are able to provide suggestions that will improve your manufacturing and reduce your manufacturing costs wherever possible.


3D printing has received its fair share of buzz in recent years, and for good reason. Not only can 3D printing provide functional prototypes that are up to 80% as strong as the actual finished parts will be, but it means we can create these prototypes in a matter of hours in-house. What does that mean for your products? Faster design iterations, greater design flexibility, and less time to market for your products. Testing your parts prior to full run production has never been easier!

Find your competitive edge at KASO Plastics. Contact KASO Plastics today to see what we can do for your products.