For many businesses, the word “retooling” can often cause feelings of anxiety and worry. People often picture expensive processes that slow project production times while inversely ratcheting up costs. As you may already know, injection mold tooling is often the most expensive aspect of a new injection molding project. The good news for businesses is that retooling can often involve more than simply altering an injection mold and, even better news, can often lead to faster product development and big-time cost savings.


To clarify this, let’s look at what retooling actually means. Yes, it requires involving engineering staff to re-examine both an injection mold and the processes used to manufacture a given product. Knowledgeable engineers like those at KASO can often use that know-how to discover new ways of manufacturing an injection molded part or component. These efforts at retooling can often equate to higher product quality, faster production, and reduced per-part costs.

At KASO, our engineers have years of experience and can leverage that to find new and creative ways to engineer products and manufacturing processes to save our customers time and money while creating superior injection molded parts.

A recent example: This last year, KASO acquired the Vanguard Fenestration product line. Our engineering team undertook retooling of the Vanguard weephole covers, creating big savings for our injection molded window and door hardware customers. The effort was so successful, KASO plans to retool other window hardware and door components in the coming months.

An investment in retooling now can reap large benefits down the line. Talk to a KASO representative todayto learn more about the benefits of retooling or if you have a product you think could benefit from KASO’s retooling capabilities.